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Hit it with the fork

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Can’t believe I got my hair straightened!! First time in a year

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things i like to eat/taste:

  • i love putting lemon over everything!!!! and soy sauce. i like that acidic quality
  • i looove cauliflower. with thousand island dressing (yes gawd) something about that perfect crunch/crispy texture.
  • i love almonds and walnuts (in other foods like oatmeal and yogurt) its another texture thing
  • since i’ve lived in PCB i’ve been introduced to bulgogi so that’s a new favorite. i like mine very, very spicy. delicious.
  • i’ve always loved the texture of pureed fruit (like baby food). they’ve started making these new fruit packets though that contain organic fruits and veggies so people won’t have to look at me strange anymore :3
  • ensure(?) there’s something about drinks/shakes that are crammed with nutrients, calories and artificial flavor that really gets to me. I’ve always loved the taste of ensure/boost and when i found out what it’s actually for, i stacked up on em. (they’re expensive though, geez!)
  • vietnamese spring rolls are my crack. the most simple, refreshing food on the planet. that rice paper is my favorite ingredient though

What my mother bought me for Christmas :3!!

P.S. they’re on clearance at right now!!! Get u some!!!

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2k14 selfies got dayum got dayum

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I look uninterested and not into it but I just didn’t know what to do with my face

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went to visit *him* and things were jus puuuurfect. 

i bite him on the bottom lip to show affection because kissing’s too much. and he said i tasted like pecan pie; i think i can deal.