When someone say’s “What did I do that was sooo bad—?”



Cut it out with that high and mighty bs. Accept the fact that you made a mistake and you were *insensitive, selfish, criticizing, vain, unreasonable*. You are not that great that everybody wants a fucking piece of you. That’s the problem wants to leave you because they’re uncomfortable with the relationship, be understanding. You think asking questions like this is gonna make them reconsider? And THEN, to have them recall all the whack shit you put them through….why?

The Feels (The Giver)

So recently I read “A Clockwork Orange” by Anthony Burgess and reread “The Giver” by Lois Lowry. I really appreciated the lesson given by “Clockwork” that if you take a man’s right to choose, he ceases to become a man. All the vocabulary and language was a nice touch too, definitely outside of anything I’ve read before. However, my feels all came to a head after finishing “Giver”. I don’t remember that book making me feel depressed! Just the thought of Jonas and The Giver having to carry the weight of so many people on their shoulders! Experiencing all these “feels” themselves an wanting so badly to share them with their community. I wasn’t very open to the ending though. The author says she’s surprised to hear that reader’s think that Jonas and the baby are dead, but girl, they dead. *side eye*

Beautiful box design.

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"The Last of Us: Left Behind" Greatness

A couple of days ago, I watched the gameplay for The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC. I have never been more impressed with a video game storyline. The writers so perfectly executed a young, gay, interracial relationship between the main characters and I was just so impressed. If you don’t mind watching other people play video games (it’s kinda like a movie) then I definitely recommend it. I watched theRadBrad’s gameplay on youtube. 

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Kinda miss my straight hair

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New clothes alert

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Even a blur can be beautiful

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Florida gone crazy

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My views 1/30/14

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tumblr appreciation post.

I just have to give this website a shout-out right quick…::::

If not for tumblr, I don’t think I would’ve learned about self acceptance, racism, misogyny, cisism, transphobia and appropriation. I mean I guess I would’ve eventually but the younger the better right? Is that sad? That a social media medium supplied me with all of this knowledge? Not to say that this kind of information isn’t on Facebook, insta, twitter, etc., but tumblr is kinda known for being the primary platform for these kind of subjects. But i suppose most of the credit goes to the bloggers that are willing to spew insight on us small minded individuals. so….thank y’all. 

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