learning ALLL ze time. I’ve been exploring and testing and trying and loving it. Sometimes I’ll feel guilty and embarrassed for things I’ve done when in reality it’s what you have to go through to grow. It’s so nice to have fun and make mistakes and think back on it with a hearty “HA!”. 


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Lipstick is love

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Long weekends welcome~~~

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just gimme me a minute….

For all the ladies (around my age) that have a male best friend:::::

I canNOT tell you how many times I’ve been disrespected or humiliated by   a guy and the girl bf is off sniggering in the corner or slyly blasting me on social media. Why? Why is the disrespect so evident and outright? If he’s done something wrong why are you hyping up that kind of behavior? ESPECIALLY if the “victim” is the girlfriend of the guy! No, I am not saying that it is your responsibility to put him in his place or correct him, but to side with him, KNOWING that you would never want to be treated that way yourself???!! I wish y’all would stop seeing it as a competition and start lifting up your fellow woman. I can say from experience that in the past I’ve been extremely too nice and naive to the fact that these girls just don’t see it for me. Well boo you too, but I’d never be the one to put you down or wish bad upon you because I know its hard out here. You out there saying how awful these niggas are, YET you are their number one supporter when it comes to the harsh treatment of other women, without even realizing it. Please stop.


Best canoeing trip ever

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Friday night

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Ideal summer outfit

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i feel like everyday, i love myself more and more. i realize what i contribute to society and my work center, i have positive people in my life that want the best for me, and i’m happy by myself. what a blessing.