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really tired of all these “social media” expectations/sayings/memes for a relationship. where the fuck are y’all getting all your advice from? love & hip hop? 

I’m still not sure what I wanna take up as a major yet and am so very tired of my air force counterparts telling me that i have all my life ahead of me and I’m “too young to stress over that”. wtf?! i’m trying to save myself from staying in the service and later regretting settling for something I never wanted to participate in in the first place. The service has done so much for me and I will be forever grateful, however if I can’t use its experiences to propel me forward in the outside world, all this will be in vain. I wanna become a successful CIVILIAN. and all my higher ups ever get to asking me is “are you going to go Officer?” 


Adore and Amour <3

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me and protein shake

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learning ALLL ze time. I’ve been exploring and testing and trying and loving it. Sometimes I’ll feel guilty and embarrassed for things I’ve done when in reality it’s what you have to go through to grow. It’s so nice to have fun and make mistakes and think back on it with a hearty “HA!”. 


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Lipstick is love

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