Proud to be ELIXHER’s cover girl! In the Body Issue we create a space to celebrate our bodies, our narratives and our truths.

I’ve written about my experience shooting the cover and helping shape the theme of the issue with ELIXHER editor in chief Kimberley McLeod.

Lastly, I will be joined by Kimberley and the other queer women of the Body Issue who bravely bare all — Kim Crosby, Mia McKenzie and Tiona McClodden — on Thursday April 24 for a LIVE conversation via Google Hangouts at 3pm ET/12pm PT.

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still not over this 

Me either

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I know I haven’t been posting as much poetry lately..

But you can blame this perfect girl that I’ve been spending my time instead of writing, falling in love with.

I’m being cheesy and obnoxious posting all of these but screw it.

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  • white people: I wish I lived in the forties! Everything was so much COOLER back then, you know?
  • Japanese people: nope
  • Thai people: nope
  • Black people: nope
  • Latin people: nope
  • Cuban people: nope
  • Native people: nope
  • Korean people: nope
  • Desi people: nope
  • Arab people: nope
  • Queer people: nope
  • Vietnamese people: nope
  • Chinese people: nope
  • Physically/Mentally/Neurologically disabled people: nope
  • Jewish people: nope
  • Romani people: nope




This is called humanity

I have nothing to say on this, these people are the pinnacle of human compassion, and that is all there is to it.

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